Heartache and the Courage to Try – Again

So…here we are again. Restarting the blog. Again. So what’s my problem?! Oh. Right. There’s a reason this little corner of cyberspace is called The ALMOST Organized Heart. That darn “almost” got me again. And honestly, life got me again. I have 3 kids, we’ve moved – again. Then to top it all off, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face in my entire life came crashing down on me back at the beginning of September. So now, Ironically, I need this space. I need this space to think. To unearth myself from the 9.0 Richter-scale earthquake disaster zone that is my life. To rebuild and to heal and to hopefully help someone else know what to do when their hard realities come crashing down on them.  I plan to write more for real this time. To muster up the courage to try – again. I hope you’ll join me along the way. And feel free to invite any friends who might be in an earthquake zone too.Image


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