I Needed That

So, today I’m very thankful for Facebook and friends who help me keep perspective, even 800 miles away. In my quest for a more organized heart and home I’ve realized, even after rereading The Organized Heart and doing a recommendation that I’ve forgotten THE most important reason behind wanting to change. One little three letter word that makes all the difference in my life, every day, all day.


A friend of mine posted a great reminder this afternoon about why I’m trying to change. About why it matters. It’s not just about a clean house and me feeling good. It’s about me learning to live in the grace of God and trusting Him to change me. So, here’s the post that helped me get my head screwed back on straight today. It comes courtesy of Confessions of a Homeschooler and the difference between A Super Mom and an Abiding Mom. I want to be the Abiding Mom. Unfortunately I’ve been trying to be the Super Mom lately. My prayer tonight is that in His mercy and grace God will continue the process of transforming me into an Abiding Mom and that I would fully cooperate with Him.



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