Messy Makeover #1 – The Pantry

Okay, here’s what I’ve decided. As I slowly (and sometimes rather painfully) attempt to organize my heart and my home I’ll share my series of “Messy Makeovers”. I’ll also include the sites where I took my inspiration from as well as some before and after pics. Some of the before shots are going to be pretty embarrassing, so be gentle people.

I do have to warn you, though. It may be organized, but it sure ain’t pretty. So if you’re here looking for some Better Homes and Gardens awesomeness you’d better go somewhere else. Remember the part where my husband is in college and I’m a stay at home mom? Have you asked yourself yet how we’re financially managing to live anywhere other than in a box under a bridge or in our minivan in that scenario? The honest truth is, we’re depending on public assistance. Do we like it, no. We actually hate it. But, I haven’t been able to find a job that would make it financially worthwhile to have 3 kids in daycare. Plus, we really want me to raise our kids those first 5 years. My husband had a full-time job when the semester started and we both almost DIED the first week of school. So, we prayed like crazy about what we were supposed to do and… he quit the next week. (Scariest thing ever!) We’ve decided that getting his bachelors degree IS his full-time job. So, all that to say…we have enough money to eat and pay rent and utilities. So, frills and new and pretty aren’t quite in the budget right now.

(As an aside, for a future post, I am completely committed to the idea that extreme frugality doesn’t have to mean ugly or beat to crap. However, with three little people running around the pretty part is going to have to wait for when other parts of the house are a bit more organized. (ie: Mount Washmore is taken care of, etc.)

Okay. All that to say, let’s get to it. The pantry. We’re renting this little corner of a college student rental four-plex that has a ridiculously deep but pretty narrow pantry. We lose stuff in the Back 40 of that thing all the time so tons of food was getting wasted.



Enter the Joy of Pinterest! I stumbled upon a blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons and I was IN LOVE with this woman’s pantry! As you can see, gorgeous! Now, the real challenge: Getting my pantry to look anything like that!

My Inspiration!

My Inspiration!

The reality is, however, that the real goal at this point is solely the organization. So, I looked around and decided that my storage device of choice would be…wait for it…a cardboard box. I know, total let down, yeah? Well, that’s what I had, so that’s what I went with. One afternoon during the kids’ nap I completely emptied the pantry and put everything into categories (after throwing out all the expired and gross stuff that had been hiding in the way back). Then, I got my stellar looking cardboard boxes, some packaging tape, a sharpie and some blank index cards and started putting stuff back in the appropriate boxes.

And so now we finally come to the long awaited (I’m sure) before and after pics. Just remember people, like I said, it ain’t pretty, but it sure does get the job done a LOT better than nothing at all! There’s no Back 40 to loose stuff in, plus, when my husband asks where something is I know which box to point him to instead of rifling around on each shelf for half an hour. The eventual plan is to Mod Podge the boxes with either fabric or scrapbook paper I have sitting around. But, that is for another day and another nap after a whole lot more things have been organized!


So, there you have it. My first attempt at a Messy Makeover. I’d love to hear what people think. Any suggestions on potentially making it more attractive other than the Mod Podge idea?

I think the Master Bedroom will be next on the agenda. Stay tuned for more Messy Makeovers from a Messy in Remission!


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