Book Recommendation: An Organized Heart

The Organized Heart coverSo, here’s the book that caused me to start this blog in the first place. It’s sounds super cheesy, but the truth is, this book has                changed my life. It’s changed how I view my disorganization. Like I said in my first post, this book made me realize that my disorganization is actually sin. She tells a story about her own disorganization in the opening chapter that made me feel like I could have actually written the book. This isn’t a Born Organizer trying to help a Messy learn to be organized. No. This is a fellow Messy in Remission who the Lord was gracious enough to convict of her sin.

So why should you read An Organized Heart? Here’s my Top 5 Reasons:

5. Super short: A whopping 103 pages to be precise.

4. Super focused:  The author gets straight to the point in each chapter. She looks at the root causes of why we’re disorganized including perfectionism, busyness, possessions, and leisure. She also includes a chapter about difficult situations because, as she states, she doesn’t want to discourage people even more if they’re in a hard place and have extenuating circumstances.

3. Super time saving: There are 7 chapters. Read the first chapter first (Obviously, you’re thinking.) Then, chapters 2-5 are sort of like a “Chose Your Own Disorganization Root Cause Adventure” book. Read what applies to you, skip what doesn’t.

2. Super practical: She doesn’t have any schedules or plans or programs. What she’s trying to help women do is see their disorganization as sin and to address the root cause for that disorganization. Pretty sure that to date I’ve never seen a book like it.

1. Super Convicting!! I know sin and the conviction of the Holy Spirit aren’t necessarily people’s favorite topics these days. However, if you’re like me and you long to be more organized but can’t ever make it stick long-term, than this book may be just the thing to help you realize it’s about organizing your heart before you ever start organizing your home.

Finally, you can either buy this at Amazon or you can get it through the publisher Cruciform Press. The really cool thing about Cruciform is that their books are super cheap and you can actually get a subscription where they send you a new book every other month. They come in an e-format or print. All the books we got when we could afford a subscription were amazing!

Happy Reading!


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